About Us
Advanced Component Labs, located in Santa Clara, California, is the USA's
leading fabricator of  Semiconductor Package Substrates and High Density
Interconnects.  With a sharp focus directed towards the semiconductor
community; our

Flip Chip, BGA, MCM, SIP and Multi-Layer Organic Interposer fabrications

offer a perfect response to the market's constantly increasing need for
shorter lead times and improved device performance.

We offer ultra thin cores, fine line geometries and alternative via
technologies for enhanced thermal transfer.  Our current process
capabilities include 1
2um circuit geometries, 20um dielectric layers, 50um
laser vias and 1
10um bump pitch processing.  These process capabilities
combined with a strong comprehension of high speed digital and high
frequency RF package requirements allows ACL to make a significant
impact in reducing a program's "time to market" equation.

By selecting ACL, you will be choosing a US manufacturing operation as
well as an organization with more than 40 years experience in the
fabrication of organic substrates.  We guarantee that your devices will be
delivered on time and fabricated precisely to your design requirements.
Wire Bondable Gold Specialist
Quick Turn and Pre-production Manufacturing
ITAR Approved USA Fabricator